Event Programm
Starter kit distribution should be held from 20th till 21st of February, from 10:00 till 20:00. The address will be adjusted later and the participants'll be notified by e-mail.


- 0.5 km race (kids race);

- 1 km race (kids race);

- 5 km race (personal race, team race, family race);

- 10 km race;

- 21.1 km race.


9:00 - opening of the event;

10:10 - Start of 21.1 km race;

10:15 - Start of 0,5 km race;

10:30 - Start of 1 km race;

11:00 - Start of 10 km race;

11:10 - Start of 5 km race;

11:30 - 14:00 - finish of the participants;

12:00 – Kid's awarding ceremony;

14:00 - 14:30 - awarding ceremony;

14:30 - closing of the event, camp fire.

*there might be some changes in the schedule.

Recommended accommodation during "Honor Vladivostok Ice Run":

1. In the Start City – a hotel Novic Country Club:

2.In a City Center:

Hotel AZIMUT Vladivostok 4*.

Promo code for booking on the web-site: HONOR

Special tariffs for runners in AZIMUT hotel Vladivostok.

SMART Standard Single/TWIN – 4000/5200 RUB.

SMART Superior Single/TWIN – 5200/6200 RUB.

SMART LUX Single/TWIN – 8200/10200 RUB.

Congress-hotel "Equator" 3*+

Book on the web-site or by prone. Use a special promo code to get 20% discount: HONOR ICE RUN.

Special tariff:

SECOND CATEGORY SINGLE (with balcony and sea view)- 2560 RUB

FIRST CATEGORY SINGLE – City view 3440 RUB / Sea view 3840 RUB

FIRST CATEGORY TWIN – City view 4000 RUB / Sea view 4400 RUB

JUNIOR SUITE City view 4400 RUB / Sea view 4800 RUB

Check for other categories on the hotel's web-site.

Hotel «A-Hotel Amur Bay Vladivostok» 3*:

Promo code for booking on the web-site: HONOR

Standard (Twin bed) – SGL 2000 RUB/ DBL 2800 RUB

Standard Plus (Twin bed with Sea View) – SGL 2400 RUB/ DBL 3200 RUB

Superior (DBL) SGL 2800 RUB/ DBL 3600 RUB

Hostel Izba

A wonderful place with good service and Russian style.

from 550 Rub/per person

Guest House "Golden Horn Bay View" Economy and cozy hostel in the heart of the city

from 1000 Rub/per person

The prize fund of 500,000 rubles (the amount of the prize fund can be adjusted) is distributed among the winners in the single standings at distances of 21.1 km, 10 km and 5 km (in rubles).

See table

Absolute winners at distances of 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km among men and women, as well as teams, are awarded with cups.

All participants who have passed the declared distance are awarded with commemorative race medals.

Winners of age categories can download the "certificate with results" in their personal account on the website
Love Race
"Love 21,1" - a race for 2, set by our Chinese partners "Love marathons".

It's so nice when someone is waiting for you on finish, but it's much better when someone he/she runs with you together all distance hand by hand.

Register for "Love 21,1" together, get one start number for 2, the hole sea of emotions, start together and finish together, and of course a great chance to win a good prize:

1 - 3344 RMB,

2 - 1314 RMB,

3 - 520 RMB.
Medical admission to the event
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, each participant must provide a medical certificate to the event confirming that he is healthy. The certificates are valid for half a year, and if you have a certificate from other races, you can provide it.

If you don't have a certificate, you can get it from a general practitioner in a polyclinic, at the Regional Physical Dispensary, or at the Falck Multidisciplinary Hospital.
Equal Price
We do not put half marathon runners above those who run "ten" and "five" - these distances have their own heroes and records.

Whatever distance you choose, you will get the same drive of start, emotions of running and comfort of finish.

Your personal distance depends on your desires only.
How to get a discount?
Entry fees:

Sum of starting contribution of "basic package" is 4990 rubles.

Taking into account discounts:

Basic package (includes: Starting number, individual timing chip, starting pack (backpack, souvenir products), finisher medal, finisher package, transfer to the start place, Entrance to the Pasta Party on February 21, food on the track, food on the finish (field kitchen), marking and preparation of the track, security of the event, competitions, prizes, concert, show program, etc.)

On November 10 – on November 24 taking into account discount: 40%:

21,1 km – 2990 rubles; 10 km – 2990 rubles; 5 km – 2990 rubles; 1 km – 1000 rubles; 0,5 km – 590 rubles.

On November 25 – on January 31 taking into account discount of 10%:

21,1 km – 4490 rubles; 10 km – 4490 rubles; 5 km – 4490 rubles; 1 km – 1000 rubles; 0,5 km – 590 rubles.

On February 1 – on February 21 (discounts are absent):

21.1 km – 4990 rubles; 10 km – 4990 rubles; 5 km – 4990 rubles; 1 km – 1000 rubles; 0,5 km – 590 rubles.


On November 10 – on November 24 discount: 40%:

On November 25 – on January 31 discount of 10%:

On February 1 – before the end of registration (discounts are absent)

Promo codes and additional discounts

100% is to the absolute winners of the previous official race of the RunDnsRun club in an absolute offset (find out the information of the promo code from the Organizers of the competition;

50% is to prize-winners (II place) of the previous official race of the running club RunDnsRun in an absolute offset (find out the information of the promo code from the Organizers of the competition;

30% is to prize-winners (III place) of the previous official race of the running club RunDnsRun in an absolute offset (find out the information of the promo code from the Organizers of the competition;

50% - to pensioners (on age: man elder 60y.o, woman elder 55 y.o.);

Up to 15% - to participants of official runnings of running club RunDnsRun. (on personal promo codes)

In the case of non-admission or refusal of the Participant to participate in the event for any reason, the participation fee shall not be returned.
What should spectators and volunteers put on to the Ice Run?
It should be a very, very warm set of winter wind- and waterproof clothing. Perfect choice: skiing outfit. Stylish choice: thermal underwear, fleece sweater, parka and jeans, which are not scruffy ones.

Russian choice: ear-flapped fur hat (ushanka), sweatshirt, cotton-wadded jacket, thermo costume of a bear /cold-protective fancy dress of a bear. No matter what you will wear, the most important thing is not to try to boggle the imagination of Russky island citizens, combining fleece and silkin your look!

Put on warm and winter clothes. Remember that beautiful person is a person who is still warm!
What clothes should the ice runner put on?
To stand the proof it is important to be properly dressed! All participants of the race are strongly recommended to have the following items and sports equipment:

  • Footwear
  • Running shoes with metal spikes

  • sneakers with installed spikes;
  • running or trail shoesif there's packed snow on the track on the race day

  • The first layer should be cold-protective (thermal underwear);
  • The second layer should be protective, sports pants.

  • The first layer should be cold-protective – a T-shirt with short sleeves (made of compression or synthetic);
  • The second layer should be cold-protective – a sweater (made of fleece);
  • The third layer should be protective – a jacket (made of bologna or membrane);
  • High collar, a scarf or a buff to protect the neck;
  • Gloves or mittens;
  • Backpack with hydrator for water.

  • Sports wool or fleece hat;
  • Mask (optional);
  • Sunglasses (optional).
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